Carbon emissions and Quangocrats

by David on February 8, 2009

Tim Worstall at the ASI rails against the idiocy of the suggestion that flights could be rationed. I took the  link to the Telegraph report and read the following:

He said there was “no reason at all why people should fly around the UK” and that domestic flights should be taxed almost out of existence.

Now I’ve not taken many domestic flights but when I lived and worked in Newcastle upon Tyne I was able to fly up to Aberdeen to ovesee the setting-up of a new software system my team had built for BP and I also flew down to Southampton for a meeting. In both cases alternative travel would have taken another day and the extra cost to my company would have been whatever my daily chargeable rate was at the time. So my comfort and convenience aside, there is certainly a reason to fly even in the UK. Whether that reason is of such value to me or my business can be determined through carbon taxes.

Gordon Brown’s just returned – by air – from the talking shop of Davos. Does anyone think his journeys will be rationed?

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Gordon Brown could have travelled to Davos by car

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