Resign and let me stop paying

by David on July 25, 2007

The managing director of GMTV is to resign after it was discovered competitions on its ITV1 breakfast show were not being conducted fairly.

The BBC, GMTV boss resigns over quiz row

Meanwhile, at the State-owned BBC,

The BBC has suspended all competitions after an inquiry unearthed a fresh batch of faked phone-ins.

BBC One’s Sports Relief in July 2006, Comic Relief in March 2007, Children In Need on BBC Scotland in November 2005, The Liz Kershaw Show on BBC 6 Music and CBBC programme TMi were all found to have breached editorial standards.

Mr Thompson said: “It is right that we are open with the public when we have fallen short and that we demonstrate that we take this very seriously indeed,” he added.

But no resignation to follow. The compulsory tax to fund the corrupt organisation is still in place, nonbody’s been sacked, nobody’s resigned.

Party Fears Two

by David on July 23, 2007


by David on July 23, 2007

We’ve been to the US too often since 2001, really; there is a world out there. So despite the favourable dollar-sterling exchange rate and although we haven’t had much time to plan this one, we’re off to Southern Spain shortly.

I’ve been to Spain before once – to Barcelona and on to a Northern tour, visiting Pamplona and Zaragoza and Bilbao. This time we’ll be deep into the old Moorish provinces.

Of course, we’ll see the Alhambra. I don’t want to build my hopes up about that because I don’t want to be disappointed but I have reason to believe it will be beautiful.

I don’t know enough of the history of the Caliphates of al-Andalus yet and I hardly know any Spanish (a few podcasts are taking me through basic stuff on the drive to work every morning).

I’m not sure I’ll manage to cope with the strange pace of the Spanish day. A long, long siesta, restaurants not open until 9pm at the earliest and bar-hopping continuing into the early hours. Even worse than Italy, a friend who knows Italy well tells me. Worse or better, I suppose it’s a question of perspective.

Great Covers: Blancmange – The Day Before You Came

by David on July 18, 2007

Saint Etienne – You’re In A Bad Way / Hobart Paving

by David on July 17, 2007

You’re In A Bad Way

Hobart Paving

Nina Simone – I Love You Porgy – 1962

by David on July 13, 2007

Glasgow Airport

by David on July 9, 2007

I don’t know what’s not getting through to these people. We already understand that you don’t like us. Killing an airport full of innocent men, women and children is not going to make us understand that any better — nor is it going to change who we are.

Glasgow Airport employee John Smeaton

Sony VAIO customer service

by David on July 7, 2007

Sony VAIO customer service at Asymmetrical Information

Can’t get the staff these days

by David on July 6, 2007

Kafeel Ahmed
the second man arrested at Glasgow Airport on Saturday is , believed to be a doctor
Dr Sabeel Ahmed
arrested near Liverpool’s Lime Street station on Saturday night. He was currently working at Warrington hospital

BBC, Who are the car bomb suspects?

It has emerged that the Ahmed brothers applied to work as doctors in Western Australia on numerous occasions but were rejected.

“We checked their qualifications and references and decided that they did not meet the standard required,” Geoff Dobb, the president of the Australian Medical Association in Western Australia, told the Associated Press.

“It had nothing to do with suspicions of any terrorist associations,” he said

4th July

by David on July 4, 2007

Flag at the Washington Monument

Beautiful country, lovely people

"Another morning comes: I see,
Dwindling below me on the plane,
The roofs of one more audience
I shall not see again.

God bless the lot of them, although
I don't remember which was which:
God bless the U.S.A ., so large,
So friendly, and so rich."

Auden, via Andrew Sullivan