MP3 Players

by David on October 29, 2006

The Creative Zen thing Helen bought me lasted about 12 hours. I dropped it on the wooden floor of our hallway and it broke. The inherent fragility of a spinning hard disk in a small portable player puts me off them. And my Nano broke, too – the interior screen cracked and spread the LCD black goo over the inside like an ink cloud, making the display unreadable. Helen’s never had a problem with her iPod – apart from having to replace the battery – but I’m a little more careless with them, I guess.

Funtu: fun with Ubuntu

by David on October 29, 2006

Kubuntu, Ubuntu, sudo, Synaptic Package Manager, symbolic links: just some of the delights when you turn seriously to Ubuntu. I’m still on Breezy Badger and I need to upgrade to Dapper Drake.


Angelique Kidjo, Tinariwen, revisted

by David on October 29, 2006

They stood out that night amongst the other performers; I didn’t know Malaika was a traditional Swahili song, didn’t know Kidjo’s reputation, didn’t know about the peculiar background of Tinariwen, didn’t know what to expect.

Homeopathy: the darkling plain

by David on October 29, 2006

To consume a single molecule of a homeopathic remedy at at this 30C solution you’d need to drink about 30,000 litres of water. Chemically, a 30C solution is identical to water.

Fundamentalist Tom Lehrer

by David on October 29, 2006

The demon spawn of Tom Lehrer and Pat Robertson? Robin and Crystal Bernard sing two songs by their evangelical minister father, Jerry, and they’re very funny

Catholic, Protestant and Jew,
Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu
I guess they want the Devil too
In the ecumenical movement