Religious wingnuts

by David on August 24, 2006

I bought Sam Harris‘s book, The End Of Faith at Heathrow to annoy any fundamentalist religious terrorists I might have found myself sitting beside on the flight to the US. If the plane was going down, their last minutes would be spent enraged by the infidel, I thought.

A recommendation

by David on August 23, 2006

Not something I do, usually, but Maciej CegÅowski’s blog, Idlewords is so-o-o-o well-written I urge you all to leave here now and go there.


by David on August 20, 2006

When you see a bear in a zoo you’re separated from it by an unscalable wall or an unswimmable moat, or some other means of stopping the bear from eating you. These two were about 30ft from where we sat, running quickly, with thin air between us. I don’t think they noticed us sitting on the rug. Once they’d crashed off into the forest I got to my feet, wondering what two bears might be running from. Another, larger bear, I thought

Jefferson and slavery

by David on August 20, 2006

In his public life he was clearly against slavery; but as a private landowner he was pleased to live off the proceeds of slave-labour, and worse.

America the beautiful

by David on August 20, 2006

Shenandoah National Park

The Appalachians

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument