Off to Washington

by David on July 24, 2006

It ain’t no famous name on a golden plaque
That keeps me that makes me ride that railroad track

Plastic Bag Beeb

by David on July 21, 2006

Tom Coates writes a damaging critique of the BBC’s New Media restructuring. Damaging, specific and – who knows – maybe libellous.

Web 2.0: Tim O’Reilly rather unclear

by David on July 16, 2006

Tim O’Reilly’s business associates, CMP, applied for a servicemark on the phrase ‘Web 2.0’ in the context of conferences, including education conferences, and other live events.

The O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference website seems to misapply the servicemark in the title graphic, where the TM appears as a superscript after the word ‘conference’, clearly implying that a trademark is held for the phrase Web 2.0 Conference.

I had an email exchange with Tim O’Reilly about this:

Ancient cron job

by David on July 16, 2006

Updating one of my websites, I notice, according to the site admin area:

Cron is running. The last cron job ran 36 years 29 weeks ago.

Hmm… must get in touch with The Long Now


by David on July 15, 2006

Did you hear about the homeopathic doctor who forgot to take his pills? Died of an overdose


by David on July 14, 2006

If this town were a haircut, it would be a mullet

Popular Flickr photos

by David on July 12, 2006

This photo Helen took in Parma, Italy has rapidly become the most viewed on one of her Flickr accounts:

Woman in Parma

No idea why.

My next portable MP3 player

by David on July 1, 2006

Fresh out of the box the Nano is beautiful but it scratches, badly. So much for Apple’s much-vaunted product design.