Apres moi le deluge

by David on June 30, 2006

First, I installed Ubuntu. Then Mark Pilgrim installed it. Now Cory Doctorow copies us.

One day I’ll tire of being in the vanguard of technology and fashion.

Berkley podcasts

by David on June 29, 2006

Well, duh… how did I miss these until now. Webcast and podcast courses from Berkley, from Art 23 – Foundations of American Cyberculture to Psych 130 – Clinical Psychology.

Index of courses here.

Plasticbag on accents

by David on June 28, 2006

Lots of people from the South-East I’ve met really believe this, the arrogant tossers.

Stuffed with religion

by David on June 26, 2006

I believe in the fact of evolution. I even believe in it with passionate conviction. To some, this may superficially look like faith. But the evidence that makes me believe in evolution is not only overwhelmingly strong; it is freely available to anyone who takes the trouble to read up on it. Anyone can study the same evidence that I have and presumably come to the same conclusion. But if you have a belief that is based solely on faith, I can’t examine your reasons. You can retreat behind the private wall of faith where I can’t reach you

Amazon recommendations as insults

by David on June 26, 2006

Helen has just received a recommendation from Amazon that she might well enjoy Vienna, yodelled by miniature Scottish songster Midge Ure.

Tilt shift, Tallinn

by David on June 25, 2006

A tilt shift fake of Tallinn

Tilt Shift, St Mark’s Square

by David on June 25, 2006

Tilt-shift photo of St Mark’s Square

BBC: half a million on 20 people

by David on June 24, 2006

The BBC spends £½million pounds on 20 people.

Away from the MSM

by David on June 23, 2006

I should reflect more on this recent change to my habits; but briefly, I don’t buy a newspaper anymore and I’ve nearly given up listening to BBC R4. I had bought The Guardian just about every publication day since I first went to university (my parents bought the South Wales Echo, an almost entirely uninteresting regional rag). I’ve listened to R4 forever and some of it was very good indeed; and some of it was very, very poor.

Welsh: useless for swearing

by David on June 11, 2006

In an entirely unsuprising moment of obtuseness, the Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales, Clive Wolfendale, has added to the national World Cup excitement by suggesting that English people carrying the English flag on their cars in Wales are behaving with discourtesy and indecency.