Grandaddy calls it a day

by David on February 25, 2006

First saw Grandaddy on Jools Holland singing Hewlett’s Daughter. Helen bought one of their albums, then another, then another. For a while I used a line from Under the Western Freeway as a sig line – it was, ‘everything beautiful is far away‘ – and we even made a detour through their hometown of Modesto, CA as sort of homage, playing ‘El Caminos in the West‘.

Firefox vs IE – Round 1

by David on February 22, 2006

I use Firefox, generally. Here’s one place where IE wins – auto-detection of network settings.

Can you speak Estonian

by David on February 16, 2006

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Talinn – the Estonians don’t like it


by David on February 16, 2006

The lower town from a viewpoint in Toompea

Well that was interesting. More to come later but, briefly – Estonia, history of foreign control by Germany, Denmark, etc. Gains independence at end of WWI with help of British fleet, enjoys a couple of decades of freedom, then is occupied by the USSR, then Nazi Germany, then the USSR again.

Freedom attained after the singing revolution and a 600km, 2-million person human chain stretching across Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Submission and Enlightenment

by David on February 6, 2006

Plus ça change…

by David on February 5, 2006

Since they can’t stop a man thinking, they take it out on his hide instead.


by David on February 1, 2006

Travelling beyond the Eurozone make me a little edgy these days. It’s all so comfortable, popping over the Channel. No need to order currency in advance, banks everywhere, everyone accepting the Euro.