Imaginary politics

by David on January 30, 2006

Peter Black, AM, approvingly cites Mary Riddell’s piece in the Observer. They’re both bonkers.

Estonia here we come

by David on January 28, 2006

Continuing our recent tradition of a quick cheap Winter holiday on the Continent (Venice, could it ever be bettered? Cologne, whizzy Cathedral and metre-long bratwurst) we have booked Talinn for a few days.

Talinn’s the capital of new-Europe Estonia (home of Skype and flat-rate taxation). It hasn’t joined the Euro yet and its currency, the Etonian Kroon is known as the EEK (ISO 4217 code). How good is that?

Ubuntu: day 2

by David on January 10, 2006

Did I make a mistake in installing Ubuntu rather than Kubuntu? Kubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE rather than Gnome and I seem to be having problems installing some applications.

Well anyhow. Here’s what I want to install.

Some podcast organiser / downloader
An RSS reader (can’t get on with Bloglines)
A good FTP client
A good development environment

I may have some of these. I don’t know and I’m not sure how to find out either. I think I saw Python installing itself during the setup…

Podcast Saturday 7th January: Creationism, Hoofcasting, Dawkins

by David on January 10, 2006

Creationism in the UK, podcasting walk, an difference with Dawkins

MP3 here: podcast20060107_64kb.mp3 or subscribe to the feed here.

Wireless Ubuntu success

by David on January 9, 2006

Finally managed to connect to my wireless network and the Web on Ubuntu

Nonchalent tortoise

by David on January 3, 2006

The Nonchalent Tortoise, France

The Nonchalent Tortoise, France

Wireless Ubuntu

by David on January 3, 2006

My main laptop has wireless built in. The old laptop on which I’ve installed Ubuntu needs a wireless PCMCIA card. I have two cards; one is recognised by the new operating system and the other is completely ignored.

So, for the moment, down to one card and now I’m trying to setup the network connection … for my home wireless network. I was expecting a few difficulties but this is getting silly. Still, it’s what I was expecting. So for the moment, haven’t been able to give up on XP.

Palazzo Ducale

by David on January 2, 2006

Palazzo Ducale, Venice, taken by Helen

Venice, the Palazzo Ducale on the corner of St Mark’s Square


by David on January 2, 2006

Installing Ubuntu on an old laptop – or trying to. Just burning a working ISO from another laptop and trying to run through a completely automated install has taken all afternoon already and I’m back to square one, beginning again.