People against dirty

by David on August 26, 2004

Another odd sign, this time from San Francisco.

San Francisco

Photo from Williams, Arizona

by David on August 25, 2004

photo of a sign in Williams, Arizona

A sign from Williams, Arizona. Williams makes an excellent base for visiting the Grand Canyon. The place trades on its location on the old Route 66 but is pleasant for all of that.

Google – best time to visit. Really?

by David on August 25, 2004

Ben Hammersly links to Duowe Osinga’s Best Time To Visit Google hack.

The hack it isn’t particularly reliable. The best time to visit Venice is said to be between April and June and the best time to visit cloudsoup is between july and december. Good fun though and possibly useful.

Photoshop masks from the image

by David on August 23, 2004

Quick guide to creating photoshop masks based on the original image. This is useful for lifting shadow areas where you didn’t have something like a fill-in flash but still have information in the shadow.

Take the image below as an example. Looks like the metering setting was wrong when the photo was taken – it seems too dark in the shadows but the sky and mid-tones look ok and don’t need to be brightened up.

California, Nevada, Arizona

by David on August 21, 2004

Just returned (10-hour flight back). We flew into and through the night, as we did when we returned from Georgia in 2001. Helen tells me that flying West to East is the worst for jetlag which is maybe why I’m still up at 4:13 am (about 8pm California). The US is so beautiful and California so suprisingly wild. I learned the Grand Canyon is in Arizona (not Colorado or Utah) and I am glad Helen persuaded me to visit Las Vegas.