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There’s something about Drupal…

by David on March 1, 2010

There’s something about Drupal that makes me feel disinclined to post blog updates. Just one more page to hurdle before you’re into an edit box, perhaps that’s all it is. So. WordPress again then

WordPress 2.0

by David on December 27, 2005

Wordpress 2.0 release candidate – 3, I think – is out and due to be announced as the first release of WP2 and this is it.

Curse of Typepad, delicious, Yahoo

by David on December 19, 2005

Typepad’s outage has me wondering why anyone would plump for a hosted Typepad blog. People say the service has been running slowly for a few weeks – then it goes down for 18 hours. Now is down too. Yahoo might like to be more careful with their friends, partners and acquisitions

WordPress Gallery Plugin

by David on December 25, 2004

cat/jess1Geoff Hutchinson has produced a WP plugin for gallery images. Useful.

I’ve made a change to the plugin.

I think there was a small typo in the function wpgallery_link. The original function was:

function wpgallery_link($album, $photo, $link_class=’gallery-link’, $image_class=’gallery-image’, $img_alt=’’, $link_title=’’) {

and I amended this to

Weblog, WordPress, RSS

by David on December 5, 2004

In the course of trying to tidy up cloudsoup a little I noticed that my RSS feeds’ contents weren’t formatted nicely in my News Reader – SharpReader. Not a Sharpreader problem it turns out, but (I think) a Wordpress problem.

Weblog updates

by David on October 30, 2004

Trying to change the look of this weblog a bit. I’ve installed Photo Matt’s Asides, to give inline remaindered links like Kottke’s and I’m revamping the stylesheets.

WordPress Update

by David on May 25, 2004

Wordpress 1.2 is out and the upgrde on cloudsoup took a little over 20mins because, for some reason, the first FTP didn’t work properly. Everything sorted now.

Some features of Wordpress 1.2

First WordPress Hack

by David on May 16, 2004

This weblog was moved from MoveableType to Wordpress just a few days ago and we’ve already created our first hack.

The hack sits in the my-hacks.php file and implements a function to return a list of the {n} most recently posted items. Here it is: