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by David on June 22, 2010

We didn’t get quite as far as Billings, Montana last year, when we visited Yellowstone last year. I had no idea tornadoes got up that far north.

Seattle fake tilt-shift

by David on September 23, 2009

Another stab at fake tilt-shift:

Sullivan: What Brits think of Palin

by David on September 7, 2008

Andrew Sullivan’s mad collapse continues. Today, he writes: Here’s a fascinating glimpse into how the rest of the world is reacting to the Sarah Palin selection. It’s from a classic and peerless British weekly radio panel discussion show, called “Any (…)

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What’s Left

by David on September 6, 2008

Where if you support Israel you are called anti-Semitic, where promoting sharia law means you support cultural diversity, where you attack a successful working mother and a pregnant teenage mother and you call yourself a feminist and where you degrade (…)

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The difference

by David on September 5, 2008

“What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?” “One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let’s be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy. The other kills her own food.” Notice, though, that the joke relies on the comparison being (…)

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Andrew Sullivan’s Decline and Fall

by David on September 5, 2008

Let’s put aside for the moment Sullivan’s recent hurricane of innuendo. Let’s look just at his weirdness today: [John] Edwards was a national figure …Palin has been several time zones away in the Alaskan wilderness Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic, (…)

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Snakes of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona

by David on June 28, 2008

As we’re off to Denver shortly for a tour of the … what do you call the area … the Southwestern States? The Mountain States? Well, anyway, we’re probably going to be taking in bits of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico (…)

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Driving USA

by David on June 11, 2008

On my first evening in California, I was stopped by a police car – or highway patrol car, or whatever – for shooting a stop sign. But as John Staddon observes in The Atlantic Monthly, Consider the stop sign. It (…)

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