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Flight 447 and the MSM

by David on June 2, 2009

I discovered that Flight 447 was reported missing from trending topics on Twitter.  I then read more breaking news and followed expert in-depth discussion on the pprune forum (the Professional Pilots’ Rumour Network), which described the composite materials of the (…)

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by David on January 7, 2009

The iPlayer is a back-to-the-future business model. It’s a total subversion of Reithian values in favour of trying to create what had been an accidental monopoly as a kind of robust business model. The idea that the old geographical segmenting (…)

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Times Online Redesign

by David on February 24, 2007

After coming across a problem when the new design went online I thought I ought to mention, just to be fair, it seems much faster now and I am using it more than I did before.

Still one or two problems, though

BBC – speedhumps on the road to the future

by David on February 21, 2007

screenshot from the BBC, showing a copyright problem in the streamed version of the broadcast news
The one o’clock news…

The future media

by David on February 20, 2007

At the mo I’m watching Stephen Pollard and Chris Mounsey (Devil’s Kitchen) and Ian Dale and two others I don’t recognise [update – rachelnorthlondon and Ben Sherrard] on a stream from 18 Doughty Street, talking about the blogosphere.

screenshot of online TV while iTunes downloads podcasts

IPTV – 18 Doughty Street

The cockpit video

by David on February 8, 2007

The MSM in the UK has been slavering over the video showing two US planes accidentally attacking a British convoy, killing one British soldier.

I ‘ve seen quite a bit of the video now and I don’t understand at all the US reluctance to share the footage. The pilots, who were not responsible for the mistake, when they realised what happened, were beside themselves with recriminations, guilt, disgust and regret. As far as I can see their response shows them in the best possible light and I feel great sympathy for them.

Times Online Redesign

by David on February 7, 2007

Everyone’s complaining about it. Here’s my moan.

I’m trying to read the story about the US friendy fire incident involving a US aircraft attack on a British convoy. For some bizarre reason the online editors have chopped the transcript up into 24 pages each containing containing 12 lines of text, ot thereabouts.

I’m guessing that some halfwit at The Times has insisted the story shouldn’t disappear below the fold (on a 1025×768 screen resolution, without magnifying the text, without applying my own stylesheets, etc).