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Edwin Poots: the Universe is 6 thousand years old

by David on January 1, 2008

You will probably never have heard of Edwin Poots. He is a member of the Board of Governers of Drumbo and Carr Primary School. He is also the Minister for Culture in the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly. He thinks the entire universe is about 6,000 years old.

Lying for Jesus: The Discovery Institute

by David on September 29, 2007

The Seattle-based creationist advocacy think-tank, The Discovery Institute tries to respond to the criticism that proponents of creationism and its cousin ‘intelligent design’, which has been called ‘creationism in a fancy suit’, do not publish in peer-reviewed scientific journal by publishing a page of short descriptions of ‘Peer-Reviewed and Peer-Edited’ publications. Things aren’t quite as they seem.

Evolution in Georgia

by David on February 18, 2007

Ben Bridges has been a Georgia State Representative since January 1997 and serves on Committees for Banks and Banking, Public Utilities and Telecommunications and Rules. He is an active member of the First Baptist Church in the slightly freaky Alpine Helen (a mountain community with a touch of Bavaria)- which we visited, incidentally, back in 2001.

Blair, religion and superstition

by David on December 28, 2006

When Blair was challenged about the faith school in the North-East of England, Emmanuel College, which happily supported fundamentalist evangelicals and young-earth creationists, he said that diversity was necessary in education. That’s such a dumbfounding response that it’s difficult to understand that Blair really did seem to be supporting the teaching of nonsense (that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old) as if stupidity and sense needed equal curriculum time.

Emmanuel College – Lying for Jesus

by David on June 21, 2004

State-funded secondary school Emmanuel College hit the headlines when it was discovered that senior staff, including the Head Teacher, promoted fundamentalist creationism.