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US Open Golf

by David on June 15, 2007

A good walk ruined is how Mark Twain described golf and my only disagreement, I think, is how good the walk would have been on flat fairways and greens, being chivvied along by people behind you, with the prospect ahead of a drink at the clubhouse with bores you’d usually cross the street to avoid.

A few years back the US Open championship website won an award, I think. And this year? Not so good.

Chris Lightfoot

by David on March 5, 2007

Chris Lightfoot is dead. Chris put his imagination and tech skills to a such good purpose in a range of projects, often in cahoots with the MySociety crowd.

Looking into things further

by David on January 22, 2007

According to a campaigning group, staff at the Grand Canyon are not allowed to officially comment on the of the geological feature Apparently, the reason is that the geologic age is way in excess of the apparently 6000 year old age of the planet according to Creationists. Not sure I believe the story, and will look into it further…

Tom Coates, Links for 2006-12-30

Dr Boaz

by David on December 19, 2006

Annette and Leo

Annette’s finally persuaded the LSE to award her a PhD. This on top of producing Leo, seen here, and Sofia. Well done Doctor.

As close as it gets

by David on December 2, 2006

Weekend after next, I’m off to fly a real miltary jet helicopter simulator.

A few years ago, Helen booked me into the 737 simulator at Gatwick Airport. I flew the plane into the old Hong Airport – Kai Tak – which had a crazy approach and a hard turn onto the runway. Great fun.

Now, I have the chance to pilot a military jet helicopter. Only a simulator and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Can’t wait.

Homeopathy: the darkling plain

by David on October 29, 2006

To consume a single molecule of a homeopathic remedy at at this 30C solution you’d need to drink about 30,000 litres of water. Chemically, a 30C solution is identical to water.

Terrorists and Modern Manners

by David on June 2, 2006

Former terrorist Gerry Adams has had an invitation to a shindig at the Victoria and Albert Museum withdrawn because it was felt he was not a suitable guest.

Robert Elms, wordsmith

by David on April 22, 2006

Robert Elms introducing popsters Spandau Ballet at the Scala, Kings Cross:

From half-spoken shadows emerges a canvas. A kiss of light breaks to reveal a moment when all mirrors are redundant. Listen to the portrait of the dance of perfection: the Spandau Ballet

This man has made a living from writing…good news for us all.

Private Pilot Checkride

by David on April 17, 2006

In FS2004 I make a lovely takeoff, climb steadily to 2,000ft, level out, set revs, maintain speed but then however much I try I can’t manage the steep turn within the limits. I think it’ supposed to be at 45-50° maintaining height within 100ft and speed with 10mph either way and I think I’ve done it but I always fail.

Passing this course will be necessary for when I have to take over the piloting of our 747 to Washington after the pilot and all other crew fall victim to the shellfish. Anyone got any hints?

Keeping it semantic

by David on April 11, 2006

As I rebuild the Wordpress theme for this site I’m trying to keep the markup nicely semantic. For those who don’t understand, the idea is to use only semantic tags in the markup – HTML tags that mean something in the context of the document, rather than HTML devoted to, say, presentation.