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Freak show of simpletons

by David on September 16, 2011

I have lately been reminded of this he gets into his stride, or rather his lurch, announcing every stale revelation of the newly enlightened, like stout Cortez coming upon the Pacific — war is profits, politicians are puppets, Parliament is (…)

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by David on September 14, 2011

The person who contacted me claiming: the West ‘harboured’ Christian terrorists the Taliban attempted to hand over bin Laden to the US the FBI has never claimed Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 has sent another message. She’s not backing (…)

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The dark day that brought out the worst in Britain

by David on September 12, 2011

Janet Daly in The Telegraph: The tragic events of 9/11 were immediately followed by a grotesque and shameful fusillade of anti-Americanism, which still resonates today. …The Guardian led the way, of course, with a now infamous series of comment pieces (…)

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9/11 idiots

by David on September 11, 2011

Here’s one comment I’ve received today: The USA/ the West could, if it had wished, reacted to 9/11 with international criminal justice procedures. Now of course the person who made it has lost touch with reality somewhat. Let’s just recap. (…)

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by David on September 11, 2011

Harry’s Place has a few comment threads running about 9/11. One commentator says:# Again, the Reactionary Left were smoked out by 9/11 and we know exactly where they are coming from, the filth. A lot of sociopaths were smoked out, (…)

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What’s wrong with this photo?

by David on November 7, 2010

I had an email the other day from ‘Nicole Factfinder’ who said: I’m involved in publishing a children’s guidebook to Devon and Cornwall and we were including a section on learning to surf in Cornwall. We’d love to use the (…)

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The BBC as an indicator of the decline of educational standards

by David on August 22, 2010

Must do some research into this sometime. You might have expected the BBC, being our world-renowned national broadcaster, to employ website editors who can write English properly. Not so much. Just recently there was the fare/fair cock-up (in a piece (…)

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Norman on Oliver and Rupert

by David on June 22, 2010

Oliver Kamm had a widely-read blog, which he moved to The Times. Then The Times put up a wall. It’s a piece of bad news: that when its paywall goes up, the Times will be putting behind that wall, not (…)

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The importance of ubiquitous video

by David on April 14, 2010

The tape shows two police officers, on foot and in riot gear, slam McKenna into the wall.

Opting out

by David on April 13, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam I have received a letter from the Chief Executive of the redacted PCT, redacted, telling me that my health records are to be computerised unless I choose to opt out. I am usually keen to promote the appropriate (…)

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