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Anna’s Soroban

by David on September 14, 2011

More new lens photos A tiny Soroban made for me by Anna. More may be seen sometimes here.  

Pray that the road is long

by David on May 28, 2011

As I get older it seems there are fewer interesting discoveries to be made; more likely there are still limitless exciting and interesting things out there but they’re harder to find, being just outside the perimeter of my usual experience. They don’t (…)

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Home | History of Philosophy without any gaps

by David on May 22, 2011

Home | History of Philosophy without any gaps.

The BBC as an indicator of the decline of educational standards

by David on August 22, 2010

Must do some research into this sometime. You might have expected the BBC, being our world-renowned national broadcaster, to employ website editors who can write English properly. Not so much. Just recently there was the fare/fair cock-up (in a piece (…)

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Lolita and Woolworths: the advantages of education

by David on February 2, 2008

Bedroom furniture for young girls with the brand name Lolita has been withdrawn by Woolworths following complaints from parents

BBC, Woolworths withdraws ‘Lolita’ bed

Easily the most startling fact in this farce was that nobody at Woolworths knew of Nabokov’s great novel, one of the best known and most controversial examples of 20th century literature; nobody had seen or heard of either of the two films (the James Mason/Peter Sellers pairing, directed by Kubrick being far better than the later Adrian Lyne version); and nobody at the company was even remotely aware of the enormous popular cultural impact of Lolita. According to BBC radio news this evening, Woolworths staff had to look up Lolita on Google to discover what the fuss was about, which might have given them a little shock.